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back from the dead

All right people. I know a lot of you. And I know a lot of you see this come up on your friends page still. How are you? What is everyone doing? I want this community to come back to life so to speak, if it were ever alive to begin with.

So.... to get the conversation rolling...

I went to my first wet t-shirt contest this past Wednesday. It was interesting. Lots of drunk people dancing, trying to look sexy, and hook up with people. It was just how I imagined it to be but somehow worse. The only real bad part was that I couldn't drink because I'm still not yet 21. But that will soon change (Feb. 12th.)

When that happens, I plan on drinking again and having "fun." Also, I'm going to go to Vegas with some friends for Spring Break. I've never gambled before and hopefully I'll have fun or win money. I plan on making a t-shirt that says "All Hail Gamblor."

Now, there are two interesting topics here-- boobies and gambling. Maybe you like one and not the other... Maybe you have one and never experienced the other... Maybe you never had either and you'd like to tell us why... I don't know, but I think you need to comment about it.

Oh yeah, and when I asked about the Anchorman movie ages ago, I hadn't seen it yet. And you know what? It's totally related to this community!! They punt that dog right over the bridge. (Sorry if you haven't seen it yet, but you should have seen it already. Especially being in this community, you're suppose to be on top of dog kicking activities.)
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