Josh (rabidjosh) wrote in pkbw,

This is kinda of ironic...

At work today, I got really frustrated(about a lot of things)...

So, instead of kicking a dog... I ummm... I bit the dog....

"Is that wrong? Really, do they frown on that sort of thing here?" George Costanza

Yeah... I didn't bite a big chunk out or anything!! The dog, a juvenile Siberian Husky, almost knocked me down trying to run out of it's cage, so instead of hitting the dog, I sorta bit it...

The dog didn't even fell it, cuz he didn't cry or anything, he just kept pushing me...

The only reason that I didn't proceed with the biting was because I had the thought of how I would explain it to others running through my mind...

How would you explain that?

::wipes the blood from his mouth::
Josh :"Um, Doctor Hannah... I think something bit this dog..."
Dr. Hannah: Wow! That's pretty deep... Are those human teeth marks?"
Josh: "Dammit! I sorta, well, I kinda, um... I bit the dog!!!"
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